The universe always delivers exactly what you need when you need it the most…

The picture doesn’t mean the universe will delivery you free coffee from Starbucks. Although that would have been really appreciated at the time this story took place. Once again, the universe chose Starbucks to be the place where I was to learn one of the most important lessons in my life. It was in late February of 2012, while in the progress of recovering from serious health issues, that coincidentally also started at same Starbucks a few months prior. The recovery progress I had been making, suddenly began rapidly spiralling downhill and out of control. My frustration in dealing with this situation was becoming intolerable. One morning I walked into Starbucks and there was new a display stand filled with lots of copies of Howard Schultz’s new book “Onward’ standing beside the order counter. For some strange reason the visual of seeing the word “Onward’ repeated so many times began manifesting inside me to simply keep moving ‘Onward’ everything is going to work out. Everyday that I went back to Starbucks and saw the book display, that feeling kept growing stonger and stronger with in me. No matter how things were going to go that day all I had to do was just keep moving ‘Onward”.

A couple of weeks before my birthday in May, I was down at Starbucks with my longtime friend and roomate Sara Troy and she asked what I wanted for my birthday. Nomally I usually tell her not to get me anything, but this year I decided that I would really love to have a copy of the book. Upon hearing my request, her face immediately made the most bemused and confused look I have ever seen. Her facial conturtions weren’t caused becuase this was the first time since we had know each other that I actually wanted something for my Birthday. It was created by that fact that I had requested a BOOK!. Yes a book, because she knew I avoided anything to do reading a writing at all cost. There are a very few gifts that I have received that I am truly thankful for recieving and cherish and this is one of them. After unwrapping that gift I immediately went and prominently displayed on that night table beside my bed, so that it would be the first thing I saw when I awoke, the last thing I would remember each night before going to sleep and most importantly to remind me when during the day when I would be laying writhing in crippling pain cused by my siezures, that as long as I kept moving ‘Onward’ everything was going to work for the better.

I wrote this article to give to Sara as my gift to her for her Birthday and to mark our 1st year Anaiversary since the universe i tervened and sent us off on our own individual journeys. Both of us have been on roller coaster rides since parting company, and the lessons that we each have learned along the way have provide each us with greater clarity and wisdom that will serve us well in our future. I will always be internally grateful for everything that your supoort and encouragement has enabled me to achieve. Have a Happy Bithday and may next year be one filled with health, happiness and good fortune!

In gratitude,
Bill Macquis, kindred spirit and ‘DIVA-LIFE’partner.

PS. The universe actually did deliver me that free coffee from Starbucks that I needed. Every copy of the book sold came with a commemorative ‘Onward’ Starbucks card preloaded with $5! The money was spent long ago, but the card is always in my wallet serving as a constant reminder to simply keep moving Onward! The the book has found a new home, sitting prominently displayed on my desktop to keep reminding to keep moving ‘Onward’

After I finally recovered enough to resume to being able to live a relatively normal life I finally did sit down and read the book, which more than ever confirmed my belief that…

Miracles in life don’t just happen. You live LIFE to make them happen!’

– Bill Macquis


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