What it really means to be truly gifted…

What it really means to be gifted...

People often think that I must be a very ‘gifted person’ due to all the things that I am able to do and have been able to accomplish. I think of myself as being gifted, but for a very different reason. Almost all of the things that I have discovered or created in life I never intentionally conceived of or planned, they were gifted to me by the universe. The word ‘Quinesence’ and it’s definition for example were gifts I received one day while chatting with friends in answering thier questions about how I made the discovery of the ‘Q-factors Universal Laws of Chaos and Order’, which happens to be yet another gift. During the conversation I suddenly found myself going off one of my segues and said “Quinesence the journey one takes in discovering, embracing and actualizing SELF was really how I discoverd the Q-factors” . From there we spent several hours with me recounting the stories of my journey. Thoughout the course of the discussion I received these additional gifts…

The ‘SELF’ is the ‘Soul Enabled Life Force’ that guides one in how to live life with greater purpose, meaning and integrity through serving the betterment of humanity.

The ‘SOUL’ is the “Source of Universal Love’.

“LOVE when shared openly creates ‘Limitless Opportunities Virtually Everywhere’ for us to unit in working together to peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with ‘Liberty, Independence, Freedom, and Equality’.

Since that day, the definition of Quinesence has futher evolved in to becoming…

‘Quinesence’ is the quitessential essence of being that manifests when one takes the journey discovering, embracing and actualizing ‘Self’.

The SELF is the ‘Soul Enabled Life Force’ that guides one in how to live life with greater purpose, meaning and integrity through serving the betterment of humanity.

The ‘SOUL’ is the ‘Source Of Universal Love’.

When LOVE is is freely shared it creates ‘Limitless Opportunities Virtually Everywhere’ for us to unite in working together, peacefully transforming the world around us into one where everyone can live ‘LIFE’ with ‘Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality’.

“A DIVA is one who manifests their “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” in ways that serve the benefit of humanity.”

I would like to share with you my “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” that I am manifesting into a reality that will serve the betterment of humanity by clicking here

Bill Macquis, founder
The Living Orchard Corporation


The meaning of Quinesence…

Qinesence The journey taken...

‘Quinesence’ is the quintessential essence of being that manifests when one takes the journey discovering, embracing and actualizing SELF. The Soul Enablled Life Force that guides one in how to live life with greater purpose, meaning and integrity through serving the betterment of humanity’

‘Quinesence’ The Journey Taken is a stimulating, sensual and emotional musical on-line multi-media experience created that tells the story of my journey to the discovery of Quineesence. This multimedia journey is best enjoyed when shared and discussed with others. So, before starting your journey, grab a couple of family members, friends or co-workers to join you and then…

Click here to begin your journey…

“Miracles in life don’t just happen… You live LIFE to make them happen!”

in gratitude,
Bill Macquis, founder
‘mindology’ Applied Research Centre

What is mindology?

mindology Applied Research Centre

Welcome and Thank You for dropping by to visit us…

To welcome you and introduce you to the ‘mindology’ Applied Reseach Centre’ and why it was established. The best place for us to begin is to define mindology’. ‘mindology’ is the term we have chosen to use to call the specialized field of science dedicated to dicoverying how the human mind works. This field of science was created by our company founder for the purposes of developing an open learning and applied research commnunity devetoted to expanding our undersatnding of how the the human mind works on an open global scale.  ‘mindology’ is also a form of Applied Phylosophy we called “Metaphysical-Exestentialism” This phylosophical science was discovered as the resultant product of the evolutionary process that occured when the phylosophies of metaphysics and existentialism were combined to form one unified ideology. To put it most simply… ‘mindology’ is the open learning and applied research work that is performed in exploring, discovering and actualizating of the infinite potentiality of the human mind.

If you are unfamiliar with Metaphysics you can learn more about the history and general phylosophical principles by CLICKING HERE

If you are unfamiliar with Existentialism you can learn more about the history and general phylosophical principles by CLICKING HERE


This is what being a ‘DIVA’ really means to me…

This is what being a 'DIVA' really means to me...

“A DIVA is a person who manifests their Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations in ways that serve the betterment of humanity”

These are the core principles, values and missions they life LIFE by…

“The live to serve, protect and respect our fundamental human right to live LIFE with “purpose, meaning and integrity”

“They openly share their knowledge so that it could nurture the healthy natural growth and development of everyones creative free thing and original thought processes”

“They unite people in working together, peacefully transforming the world around them into one where everyone could live LIFE with “Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality”

Gloria Steinem, John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr. are three people that I have a great admiration and respect for because to they truly exemplify what it means to be a genuine ‘DIVA’.

The DIVA acronym came to me one day back in 2012. At that time was starting up a new business which was going to focus on helping small business owners operate their businesses in self sustainable, more socially responsible and accountable ways. The original name I was going to use was My Mobile CEO, as that is basically the type of services the company would be providing.. Fortunateky for me no on liked the name.  One morning while working on my new business venture at Starbucks a friend of mine showed up. This friend happens to be an attractive women whos presence exudes a natural aire of sofistication. She asked me if she could sit my friend Sara Troy and I to enjoy her coffee and join our conversation. During the conversation I started explaining the issues I was having with the company name I had chosen for my business when all of a sudden I blurted out that I was a DIVA. At that point they both burst out laughing because the word DIVA is last word in the dictionary you would ever use to describe me. I then went on to explain that we are all DIVAs because it is our “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations”  that drives our sense for adveture and excitement in life. These same 4 factors are the key reason that people go into business for themselves. At that moment “The DIVA Mindset” popped into my head and became the company’s new name. Funny thing was that people had even bigger problems with this new name… Fortunately the univese intervened with other plans for me that rendered the need for me to ever resolve company name issue any further. the DIVA however has stuck with me and as as grew and developed greater clarity in my own life, the meaning of DIVA evolved into becoming everything that it now stands for.

I would like take this opportunity to invite and share with you my ‘DIVA-LIFE” story of the “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” that I am manifesting into a reality that will serve the betterment of humanity by clicking here

Bill Macquis, founder
‘mindology’ Applied Resarch Centre

The amazing things that can be accomplished with $20, a broken back and a DREAM…

The amazing things that can be accomplished with $20, a broken back and a DREAM...

This story began back on April 1, 2011. The universe was once again preparing to deliver another round of incredible gifts to me. A few days later that time my business partner and I received the univerese’s first gift. The notification from the small group of investors we brought on board the previous September to help fund the development of an innovative “modular, adaptable and expandable induction electric motor ” technology that our company began working in late 2006 would be terminated on May 31, 2011. This impending change left my business partner Sara Troy and I facing a very uncertain future. The only viable solution we could come up with was to walk away from the business and go individually go back business for ourselves. These are the addition 3 gifts that came bundled with  universes gifts I received during this time frame…

“The gift to be able to walk away from everything that no longer served any meaning or purpose in my life knowing that I always put forth and did my very best.” 

“The gift of Liberty, Indepndence Freedom and Equality to once again go out on my own to discover, embrance and actualize new opportunities in life that would better serve the betterment humanity.”

“The gift of new found apprecition and gratitude for the totaly unexpected.

Which now brings us to August 28th 2011 when the universe a very special delivered my fifth gift that would push my new found appreciation and gratitude for the totally exextected beyond anything I could have ever imagined possible. On that particualr morning I had gone down to my local Starbucks and was working on the finacial plan for my new business venture which was going to be called “The DIVA Mindset”. That particular morning I decided to join some friends who had come in for their morning coffee. During our conversation I had unknowing experieced a serious siezure, that was until I went to stand up a coffe refil. The siezure was caused by neurological and neuromuscular damage that I sustained from multiple early childhood sporting accidents. This time around the siezure resulted in re-fracturing 4 of 11 previously broken vertebra and left me experiecing excrutiating body siezures and physical spasming that would last up to 4 hours at a time and occured 3-4 times every day!

By January 2012. Things had gotten so bad that I had to walk away from my new business venture. and by the end of 2012 I was almost totally bed ridden. To give you some idea of what I was physically going though every day, try to imagine what it would be like to give birth 4 to 5 times a day! Gift number 6 was the only thing that kept me going. The ability everyday without fail I be able to get up and go for a walk no matter what! Regardless of what time of the day or night it was, what the weather were, or the current physical condition absolutely nothing would stop me from going out for my daily walks. It was on these walks that I spent my time seeking clarity and meaning of a recurring dream I beagan having in 1995 and still have to this very day.

The DREAM consisted of only one thing. An image of the silhouette of a human head with a bright white blue glow set against a dark blue midnight sky ncackdrop. Inside the head silhouette was an active and moving model of carbon atom. Accross the bottom of the images was the following quote “Feeding the minds that will fuel the future” It iwas was just after returning from one of those walks that the universe delivered the unexpected and most needed gift number 7 to me on Easter weekend in 2013. I had just returned home from one of my walks and I was in so much pain and frustration I began lashing out and yelling “Fuck it! I don’t know how much more of the bullshit I can take”. With in 5 minutes of totally losing it, my seizures and spasming stopped and I have not had any more since! I was so blown away and excited by what had just happened, that I literally ran down to Starbucks to show Sara what just happened. Needless to say that when I got there and everyone who was there say me come bouncing through the door were bown away by what they saw. Many people their thought this was a miracle because it happened so fast. In reality all took was just an unwavering belief that I would overcome, a lot of hard work, a great sense of humor and my DREAM.

I received gift number 9 in January 2014 while out on a walk seeking greater clarity to the inner meaning of the DREAM, when suddenly the answer came to me and I knew what I had to do… A few minutes later the Name Living Fractals popped into my head. Afterwhich I immediately rushed home to see if the ‘ Living Fractals” domain name was available and as soon as I discovered it was, I took out my last $20 and bought it. For the next 2 years that DREAM began to manifest into something tangible with true purpose and meaning to me! A company designed and built from the ground up to serve the betterment of humanity.

Gift number 10: The biggest and best one yet. It was so big that it took serveral months to be fully delivered. Deliveries that began shortly after recieving gift number 9 and continued through out 2015. That gift was the discovery of the Q-factors Universal Laws of Chaos and Order along with that came the gift came a brand new LIFE. One that will enable me to begin manifesting my new ‘Dreams, Inpsirations, Visions and Aspirations’ in ways that will serve the benefit of humanity which will be accomplished though the planning, bulding, and the future services be provided by my new business venture the Living Fractals Company

Note: Since this article was orinally published the company has under gome some very radical transformations as well and was renamed and officially incorporated in November 2016 as The Living Orchard Corporation.

Bill Macquis, founder
‘mindology’ Applied Research Centre