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mynuances - CS

The mynuances CS” is a dedicated cloud based service that can be customized and scaled to meet the ever changing demands and requirements of large comporations, organizations and institutions wanting or needing to build nad mage their own global online communities.

The “mynuances CS” includes:

  • Unlimited access and use of all of the mynuances apps for your company, group or organization’s use.
    Below is a listing of mynuances apps and plug-in modules that are included:

    • mynuances Core” web and mobile apps
    • mynuances Personal” add-on module
    • mynuances Professional” add-on module
  • The mynuances CS” includes full hosting and data backup services, software updating, maintenance, technical support and training.
  • The mynuances CS” can be customized to reflect your company, group or organizations branding.
  • The mynuances CS” can be configured for your company, group or organization to be used to raise funding to support non-profit charities and organizations
  • The mynuances CS” can be configured with the ability to provide full access to mynuances Core” apps and the mynuances Personal” add-on module to non-profit charities, groups and organizations that your company, group, organization supports.
  • The mynuances CS” supports the development of custom features in order to meet your company, group or organization’s specific wants and needs.

If you would like more information about the “my nuances CS”, please email your inquiries to: