The Living Orchard LIFE Community

The Global LIFE Community is one of the four primary operational open learning and applied research communities that form The Living Orchard Corporation. The community serves many funtions within the Company. as the corordintions center for the company’s adminstrative, finacial and inter-community  operations. The community also oversees  all of the company’s humanitairian projects and inititatives which includes working with outside charitable groups and organizations that particpate in the company sponsored and finacially backed ‘Humanitarian Initiatives and Projects’ progarms. These programs were established to provide free use of and full customer support for all the commercially available synaptic learning tools, resources and learning materials that are produced and distributed through ‘my nuances’ Synaptic Learning.

Humanitarian Initiatives

The Quinesence Mental Health and Wellness Initiative

“The most fundamental human right is to be able to live LIFE with purpose, meaning and integrity”

Raising awareness of mental health is one of the primary reason The Living Orchard hards This quote very aptly describes our company founder Bill Macquis. You see Bill was born with mental challenges and in addition to these he has also survived multiple serious brain trauma injuries he sustained during childhood. His lifetime spent learning how to overcome and live these challenges led him into the field of “Behavioral Science and Technology”. These personal experiences and knowledge gave birth to creating the “mynuances” family of personal growth and development software tools. He also understands all to well the vital a role these software tools will play in saving lives as he has lost several loved ones due to mental health related issues.

Bill is strongly driven and motivated by his firm belief that had tools like the “mynuances Core apps been available, those loved ones might still be alive today! More importantly he believes that these core tools might one day end up saving your life or the life of someone you know. That’s why the Living Orchard Corporation is making the “mynuances Core” apps available for FREE!

“It is often the very person that no one can imagine of who create the things that no one else could have ever imagined”

Humanitarian Projects

The ‘mindology’ Applied Research Centre

‘mindology’ Unlimited Innovations

‘my nuances’ Synaptic Learning

When we share our knowledge freely and openly it nurtures the natural growth and healthy development of everyone’s creative free thinking and orignal thought prcessing capabilities.