The Living Orchard LIFE Community

The Global LIFE Community is an open learning and applied research community that works with outside charitable groups and organizations interested in learning how to implement and use any of the tools, resources and learning systems that are made available and distributed through the ‘my nuances’ Synaptic Learning community. These tools, materials and learning systems are provided to participating charitible groups and organizations for free by The Living Orchard Corporation as one of the company’s financially and operationaly supported Humanitarian Initiatives and Projects.

Global LIFE Community – Humanitarian Initiatives

The Quinesence Mental Health and Wellness Initiative

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“The most fundamental human right is to be able to live LIFE with purpose, meaning and integrity”


“It is often the very person that no one can imagine of who create the things that no one else could have ever imagined”

Global LIFE Community – Humanitarian Projects

The ‘mindology’ ARC Community.

‘mindology’ Unlimited Innovations Community.

‘my nuances’ Synaptic Learning Community.

When we share our knowledge freely and openly it nurtures the natural growth and healthy development of everyone’s creative free thinking and orignal thought prcessing capabilities.


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